Upcoming Events 2018

To be announced.

Time: 11:15AM-3:00PM

Benefits of RRoC Membership

• Increased credibility due to meeting a high level of standards and ethics.
• RRoC is the North and South Carolina affiliate of NARR and the pathway to becoming a part of NARR.
• Certified RRoC members may use the RRoC/NARR logos on their materials
• An enlarged free referral base both from the RRoC and NARR websites, referrals from RRoC peers, and the recovery community network RRoC interfaces with through conferences, publications and mailings.
• Staying abreast of current trends and issues affecting recovery residences at both the regional and national levels.
• Being a member of the only accrediting body for recovery residences in North and South Carolina, dedicated to ongoing quality improvement.
• Opportunity to be a part of an active, knowledgeable network, as well as enjoy fellowship with professionals in the field.